Founding Principles

Southern Capital Management was founded on four basic principles of professionalism, and the firm is committed to these principles in its relationship with each client.

Integrity: Investment counsel must exemplify the highest moral and ethical standards in the fiduciary relationship and must earn the respect and trust of the client. Uncompromising honesty and unmitigated forthrightness are the firm’s pledge in all our dealings.

Confidentiality: Client assets and financial standing are highly personal matters that must remain in complete confidence. Southern Capital Management pledges absolute confidentiality in all matters conducted with the firm.


The client will always be able to contact a principal of the firm and receive a straightforward response on any issue or question. Timely reporting of all transactions will be made to the client.
The firm’s custodian will mail a monthly listing of assets and their values to each client, and the firm will send each client a quarterly review of his/her account and an overview of the economy and market conditions. Southern Capital Management, encourages clients to schedule periodic meetings with a principal of the firm to review their portfolios.


Southern Capital Management, has adopted high standards of performance. Excellent investment return in relation to client risk tolerance is the firm’s goal, and protection of client assests in bear markets is one way to achieve this goal. The principals of the firm understand that satisfying the client’s investment goals is the cornerstone of a long-standing client/counsel relationship.