Our Services

Southern Capital Management invests money for its clients on a discretionary basis, whereby the client authorizes us to engage in continuous supervisory services of the client’s portfolio. Therefore, we make purchases and sales for each client and conduct the administrative services associated with portfolio management.

Many individuals and corporate officers, trustees and other institutional representatives simply do not have the time, interest or in some cases the expertise to make the investment selections and do the timely purchases and sales required in overseeing their investments. Southern Capital Management provides all the services associated with professional portfolio management.

Here is the process of establishing a money management account with Southern Capital Management, which is also discussed further under Opening An Account. A custodial account is established with a third party in your name and tax identification number, at which time you authorize Southern Capital Management to trade the account. The custodian is also a national institutional brokerage firm that specializes in serving independent money managers. The custodian will send to you trade confirmations on each transaction and monthly statements, including any cash positions and a chronological listing of each activity in the account. Also, Southern Capital Management will provide to you quarterly statements, quarterly investment analysis summaries, and semi-annual performance reports.

Southern Capital Management is a client-friendly firm. We will maintain contact with you, particularly in the early stages of establishing your portfolio. The process begins with meetings with you to determine your investment objectives and risk tolerance. After the account is established, a principal of the firm is available to answer your questions and to fine-tune with you the investment strategy that we will use in managing your portfolio.